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Dedicated to helping our students become safe and responsible drivers with skills that last a lifetime.


Andover, MN | 763-276-9905
Dedicated to giving our students the skills they
need to become safe and responsible drivers.
Skills that last a lifetime!
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Classroom Curriculum...

We have designed our classroom schedule to fit into a busy teenʼs life. How it works is simple. There are 9 numbered classes that you can start at any time and take in any order and a 10th class for review. The classes are three hours long and fulfill the Minnesota requirement for driverʼs education classroom training.

Our curriculum is a combination of information from the Minnesota State Drivers Manual, informative videos and classroom instructors personal background and experiences. The classroom experience is very interactive and student input and involvement is required. Each classroom session is ended with a short quiz. The 10th classroom is a review of the previous 9 classes; a question and answer session; a practice knowledge (permit) test and information on what to expect when the student gets behind the wheel.

After successfully completing all classes students will be given their "Blue Slip" or a letter of completion and will be able to take the MN Knowledge Exam at their local DMV to get their permit.
Driving lesson

Behind-The-Wheel Curriculum...

After students have passed their knowledge test, we ask that they call to set up their first Behind The Wheel lesson. There are THREE 2 hour sessions in the car. Students are taught one-on-one for the entire session. If dropping off or picking up another student, two students will be in the vehicle together for a short time.

Between the time they pass their knowledge test and their first lesson it is very important that driving experience start at home with parent or guardian. We will teach students the skills they need to become safe drivers however it is practice time with parents/guardians that gives the student the comfort level in the vehicle they need to retain the knowledge we are teaching. Practice time between lessons is encouraged and needed to learn. We encourage parents to get students out in all driving environments as soon as they can safely manage.

Our curriculum consists of practical learning in residential, city, highway and downtown driving. We strive to teach students in all driving environments so that they will feel comfortable in the vehicle when they are finally on their own. We have standardized lessons that are modified to fit each students abilities behind the wheel and learning capabilities.
Since all of us learn at different rates and in different ways we fit our training to your student.

Our instructors are patient and understanding and are trained to
work with drivers of all skill levels. We understand that driving
isn't something that is learned overnight or through cramming
like an exam. Learning to drive safely and courteously is a learned
behavior and it takes time.

$350 for Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel Package. 
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"Doing the thirty hours with Tammy was a lot of fun and if you're looking for a great experience, this is the place to go!"

- Tony S
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