Located in Andover, MN  | 763-276-9905
Dedicated to helping our students become safe and responsible drivers with skills that last a lifetime.

Our Instructor

Andover, MN | 763-276-9905
Dedicated to giving our students the skills they
need to become safe and responsible drivers.
Skills that last a lifetime!

Meet Our Driving Instructor....

Tammy Ledin, Owner/Instructor.
My background is in Real Estate and new construction. I have been a realtor since 1989 and still practice today. I jokingly say I have a license to do the two biggest things you'll do in your lifetime - learn how to drive and buy a house! In 2010 I got licensed and started to teach behind the wheel up in Grand Rapids, MN.

In 2013, I moved back to the Twin Cities to take care of my parents I was able to find a job as a behind-the-wheel instructor at a private location near me and expanded my teaching into the classroom.

In 2016, I decided I wanted to be my own boss and here I am. Anyone who drives knows there is a need for good, solid driver's education of young adults. I have a passion and my passion is to be the best teacher I can be to teach my students, YOUNG & OLD, to be safe, responsible and conscientious drivers.
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