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Dedicated to helping our students become safe and responsible drivers with skills that last a lifetime.


Andover, MN | 763-276-9905
Dedicated to giving our students the skills they
need to become safe and responsible drivers.
Skills that last a lifetime!
Driving lesson
Learning how to drive a vehicle involves a lot more than just passing a test and getting your license. At Legacy Driving School, we are passionate about educating drivers the right way. Our instructor believes that flexible and fun teaching methods build an engaging classroom atmosphere and enjoyable behind the wheel experience.

Not sure what driving school is going to be a good fit for you or your student? See What Our Students and Their Parents Have to Say About Us...

Driving lesson
"Tammy was informative, practical and made the material interesting. The flexible scheduling was greatly appreciated as we could fit classes into our busy schedule. Would highly recommend!
- Nichole L.

"Great teacher who spends the time to get to know you. Additionally, Tammy makes sure that you are ready for the written and road test."
- Caleb N.

"I did my Driver's Ed course here and was very happy with my experience. Tammy is such a nice lady and made Driver's Ed so much fun!"
- Jaylynn H.

"Thank you Tammy for being patient with me until I passed the driving test and got my license. You are a very good driving instructor."
- Jonathan P.

"Tammy is a terrific teacher both in the classroom and during behind-the-wheel sessions. Loved getting to learn from her!
- Marlys O.

"As parents of five children, with our son who was enrolled in your class being our third, we had already gone through the driver's classroom and behind-the-wheel training with our two older children, through two different training facilities and instructors. We can personally tell you that the service that we received from you was far superior to and out-ranked your competitors. The manner in which you treat your students and their families, the faith you have in all your students, the respect you give to anyone who walks through your door, your professionalism, your thoroughness and your absolute love and enthusiasm for what you do, makes you stand out from all the others. You are an amazing instructor Tammy!"
- The Bauers.

"Thank you Tammy and Legacy Driving School for giving Natalie a great experience from the classroom instruction to the behind-the-wheel sessions. Absolutely love the flexibility of classroom completion, really works great with our busy schedules. Natalie felt so confident and learned so much driving with you during the behind-the-wheel sessions. Setting our own appointments for BTW was fantastic and I absolutely loved the option to have instructors come pick her up for her BTW lessons. Our youngest will be starting your school as well in November 2016. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for the kids, we really felt your mission to building safe, knowledgeable, experienced young drivers!"
- Tere S.

"I had Tammy for my driving instructor and classroom teacher. She is a great teacher and really gave me the confidence and skills I needed to feel comfortable driving on my own. Tammy is kind and patient which made me feel comfortable asking questions. I am very thankful to have had her as a teacher."
- Megan J.

"Tammy is a top-notch instructor! She puts people at ease, makes learning fun, and is devoted to putting safe, responsible drivers on the road. She genuinely cares about her students. I would highly recommend her!"
- Jen G.

"I had Tammy for the classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons. She made learning and driving stress free and fun for me. She is a great teacher. I passed my driver's test at the first attempt. She encouraged me and was with me the whole way!"
- Natalie B.

"Our daughter felt very comfortable driving with Tammy. She was very knowledgeable and gave our daughter good feedback to work with in between lessons. We would highly recommend your child train with Tammy for one of the most important things your child has to learn in their lifetime."
- Jeff and Sharon B.

"This driving school has to be one of the best driving schools in Minnesota. It's a great course where the learning is very fast and understandable. With small class sizes, it's a very nice setting where you can ask questions and the teacher explains everything you need to know and walks you through every step of the permit and explains the licensing process. Behind-the-wheel sessions are also great as the teacher explains everything when it comes to driving and breaks bad habits and teaches new good habits. Last of all, the teacher has to be one of the best teachers I've had in a long time."
- C. Perry

"I took a Driver's Ed class at Legacy Driving School. I was very pleased with my experience. Tammy was an amazing teacher. She tries to get to know each and everyone of her students to help them be a successful driver. Tammy helped me understand driving in the simplest way. I would highly recommend Legacy Driving School."
- Allison L.

"Tammy is a fantastic teacher. Her instruction was extremely helpful, especially when it comes to unlearning bad habits on the road. She's really good at explaining concepts and is always there to answer any questions that you may have."
- Tiffany C.

"I would recommend this driving school to all my friends with kids wanting their permit. Legacy Driving School is a woman owned local business and Tammy is wonderful. She is an excellent teacher and the kids really liked her teaching style. Behind the wheel, here we come!"
- Paula C.

"Hey everyone. I strongly recommend this driving school. The owner, Tammy, is an amazing teacher and an amazing person! She makes Driver's Ed fun while learning a lot of things. Also, behind-the-wheel sessions were amazing! BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN THE WORLD!"
- Raegyn S.

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